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Our Conventional Pallet Racking System

We want to dedicate a blogpost to tell you more about our most popular storage system: the conventional pallet racking system. During the four decades that we have been working in the sector, we have perfected its design and features, making it the most versatile and efficient solution for managing bundled stock on pallets.


It consists of rows of racking arranged to form intervening aisles for the circulation of mechanical handling equipment.


Our expert technical team examines the physical, user and management specifications determined by the user's needs: morphological characteristics of the items that are to be stored, space available, stock rotation, stockpicking operations, workflows, etc. With this information they work out the best way to implement the racking given the planned functionality

With this system, each item is accessed selectively and directly as each pallet is positioned in its corresponding space. 

Conventional Racking System Assemblies 

The system's installations can be distributed in two longitudinal assemblies: single and double.

-       Single rows are racks that can be accessed from one side and are typically positioned at the sides of the storage area or at the warehouse’s perimeter attached to the building’s walls.

-       Double rows are formed by connecting two single rows; they are located centrally within the storage area and can be accessed from both sides. 

Furthermore, two double rows can be connected to create double deep racking, increasing storage efficiency and reducing the number of aisles. 

When to use our Conventional racking system? 

Our Conventional racks are designed to store any type of heavy goods that may be positioned on pallets, regardless of their morphological characteristics. 

Thanks to its flexibility and efficiency, it is the perfect solution for multi-client or multi-product warehouses. 

Our conventional pallet racking systems are also recommended for warehouses that store a large variety of items, with a low quantity of units, but have a high rotation. For example, for warehouses managed by a Cross-docking system, our solution perfectly adapts to the needs of the area designed to receive stock and continuous supply for picking. 

Additional solutions 

Warehouses that employ conventional pallet racking systems, can also install an overhead loft above the racks to create an open-plan, walkable space, taking full advantage of height and providing a whole host of possibilities.

Another possibility is to combine it with a manual storage operating system, which provides the components needed for a picking area on the bottom part of the pallet racking structure. 

Check the product page on the following link.

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