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As the area used for storage is generally limited, users need to choose one of the different solutions offered to extend the space available. Top levels of shelves (pallets or manual loading) and mezzanines on pillars are high-performance options that multiply the useful area and they are much cheaper than making alterations to existing buildings or purchasing or renting new ones. 

How is it achieved? By taking advantage of the height of the premises, doubling or tripling capacity without the need for building work. 

At Estanterías Record, we help our customers find the solution that best suits their particular situation. 



Mezzanines are highly configurable modular structural systems; their high versatility means they are multi-purpose and can be adapted for all uses.They also adapt to the shape of the surface of the premises.

The structure on which the floor is laid, made of a framework of beams and loading platforms, stands on vertical pillars that direct load forces to the floor. The design works independently and does not cause building stress.  

Open floors configured in this way can have various uses: for example, the storage of large goods or appliances, the installation of all kinds of rooms (offices, archives, showrooms) and shelves for picking, etc.


Top level 

We have two types of solutions for accessible floors on shelves:


-Mezzanine on pallets: this type of top level stands on the structures of the pallet shelves and its surface is limited to that of the structures themselves.Given the high support capacity provided by the structure on which the floor is laid, this solution is suitable for many different uses: work areas (archives, offices, order reception and preparation) and the installation of additional shelves, etc.


-Top-levels on manual loading:The floor stands on the structure of the manual loading shelves.As this is a simpler configuration than the one described above, it has a very low cost and requires little maintenance.It can be used for storing products in bulk or on light shelves or for installing small rooms, bearing in mind that the load capacity is more limited.

Both top levels can be installed when fitting the base shelves or at a later time; this offers the advantage of being able to make the investment in phases according to functional requirements or financial constraints.


Mezzanine or top level?

The answer will depend on the specific needs of each situation, the area to be covered, the use for which it is intended, the physical and functional specifications of the load and available budget, etc.

Both solutions considerably increase the surface for storage or other uses; the capacity and resistance of the entire unit and its synergy with general warehouse operations will determine the most suitable option for each case.

We can help you choose the best installation for your requirements.For more information, please complete our Contact form.

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