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Here we describe some different elements that bestow greater protection and safety in a warehouse with conventional pallet racking.


Firstly, we shall focus on three elements from the available range which, according to the indications of current standards, help reduce the risk of accidents in warehouses.



Standard UNE-EN 15512 stipulates the importance of avoiding damage to uprights caused by impacts from the handling equipment, as well as suitable training of personnel and the implementation of adequate safety measures such as upright protectors. The protectors are fixed to the floor at the base of the uprights to protect them against blows by absorbing any impacts from forklifts during unit load handling operations.


The standard establishes: 

  • Upright protectors measuring at least 400 mm high should be placed around all end uprights bordering transverse lanes. The protectors supplied by Estanterías Record are 500 mm and 1,000 mm high, their use depends on each specific case. 
  • Upright protectors should be placed around all uprights located where aisles and lanes intersect. 
  • The protector must be able to absorb a force of at least 400 Nm in any direction and at any height between 100 mm and 400 mm. Protectors should be positioned so that if they are deformed when absorbing an impact, this does not damage the upright.


The ends of rows of racks or where the sides of the frames are exposed to accidental impacts should be protected by full frame protectors. These consist of a pair of upright protectors joined by one or two metal profiles to create a very strong protective barrier exactly where it is required.


Safety and anti-fall meshes

These accessories are used to prevent possible risks as a result of goods or stored articles accidentally falling when the unit loads are not shrink wrapped or well secured. They are particularly indicated for use in single access rows of racking that neighbour areas where personnel work or pass through.


Malla Anticaída


Protective horizontal mesh shelving

Standard UNE-EN 15629 specifies that tunnels or racking systems through which circulate persons or forklifts without roofs must be equipped with overhead protections to prevent stored goods from falling; their strength must be appropriate for the loads located over the tunnel.




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