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Maintaining a prominent position in the storage logistics sector and meeting the requirements of an increasingly specialised and demanding market implies a commitment to the manufacture of excellent-quality products and the provision of high value-added services.

To provide the best possible service on each scenario, we have developed a portfolio of specialised services based on our supply of storage solutions to exceed our customers' demands using a strategy of commercial differentiation and technical personalisation for our proposals.

Estanterías Record’s catalogue of services comprises six complementary business areas:


Planning and Design

We have an expert team of professional technicians who value all the important details of each project to develop the implementation that best suits each case. Particularly important issues include the area available, load requirements, traffic and handling flows, budget and inventory control, etc.


Installation and Assembly

A solution designed to adapt to the user's specific requirements has to be installed in such a way as to ensure full operability and minimise the risks inherent to handling loads.

The assembly team selected by Estanterías Record is made up of very experienced and highly qualified professionals; the essential purpose is for the systems installed to work correctly.

This is evident in the ISO 9001:2008 certification of our installation and assembly services.


After-Sales Maintenance

Continued or inappropriate use of the shelf units deteriorates their parts over time, reducing their functionality and increasing the risk of accidents. It also has unforeseeable effects for the installation itself, the goods stored and the workers handling them.

As a result, we provide our customers with a full after-sales and technical support service that includes checking and examining the units installed, advice on how to use the shelf units correctly and the appropriate guidelines for logistic management, training in safety, supervision and assessment of maintenance work and the replacement of damaged parts, etc.


 After-Sales Warranty

Estanterías Record has the best after-sales warranty in the sector, with a maximum cover of 5 YEARS, as long as the assembly work has been carried out by teams appointed by our company, the installations are used as planned and an adequate maintenance programme is followed.


Technical Consultancy Service

Our technical and commercial departments have gained an important level of know-how thanks to their extensive training and experience in the many problems that affect the sector.

The staff at Estanterías Record is at our customers and collaborators' disposal to help in all matters concerning storage at no extra cost.


Technical Inspection

Modern storage systems have specific standards for their design, installation and use. As a result, a regular inspection and maintenance programme is necessary to guarantee the features of the units installed and help ensure warehouse safety.


Estanterías Record has developed its own technical inspection method (ITR), which includes:

  • An evaluation of the general state of repair of the warehouse and the handling equipment currently in use:
  • Consideration of the general aspects of specific standards (NTP 852, RD 486/1997, RD 1215/1997)
  • Verification of the storage system’s physical and functional condition.
  • Damage assessment and classification of hazards associated with every part of the system.
  • Operational recommendations in function of the hazards identified in relation to all the parts assessed.
  • Drafting of the inspection report and award of the corresponding certificate.


Contact Estanterías Record if you require our professional services; we provide the best solutions for your storage needs.

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