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The importance of good warehouse management

We want to take this opportunity to dedicate one of the first posts in our blog to consider the current importance that logistics has acquired for the majority of companies. In many sectors, an unwise decision can ruin an operation or lead to the loss of a customer.

Throughout our 40 year trajectory we have helped companies from various sectors to modernise and improve their warehouses. Although all our customers have carried out the same basic activities, we have noticed huge differences in how they organise tasks, the type of equipment used and the quality of the results.


Why are there such large differences between the results?


In our experience, this difference can be explained according to the importance each company places on logistics and storage within their organisational structure. The companies which consider storage to be an unavoidable expense and therefore invest just enough to keep it operating are the ones which yield rather poor results. This approach means they are unable to see that high-performance logistics and the correct operation of their warehouses have gone from being a competitive advantage to an essential requirement when it comes to competing in certain sectors.

Globalisation has altered the competitive environment. Ten years ago, the decision to acquire the most suitable storage system for each company’s business model was a luxury, but now it is a basic need and the commercial significance of the warehouse has changed radically, especially for companies with an international presence.

In this new environment, uncontrolled warehouses (e.g., those which do not have an efficient storage system or are managed according to outdated and unoptimised criteria) have a negative impact on planning, production and customer service producing both detrimental financial consequences and harming the company’s image.

At Estanterías Record we complement our activity with various services covering consultancy, training and technical inspection, while always adhering to the applicable standards, in order to guarantee the correct operation of the company’s facilities and their management and operational safety processes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe that your warehouse is not up to the same level as the rest of your company.

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